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Mobile drawer toolbox cabinets with industrial-grade flexibility

mobile drawer toolbox cabinets wide

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Mobile drawer toolbox cabinets have a wide design and modular construction that provides industrial-grade flexibility. Carts are available with or without optional adjusting bin dividers or partitions to create space-efficient rolling parts storage. Adding either component would allow users to optimize interior space while creating a secure barrier that keeps inventory separate and organized. Each prevents users from mixing items that look similar in shape and size to reduce picking errors that slow productivity.

Features for mobile drawer toolbox cabinets

Designed with durable steel construction, mobile drawer toolbox cabinets can withstand heavy and light duty uses in harsh environments. Wide in design, units include many features that add value while keeping costs low to ensure affordability. Among them are:

bin dividers adjusting rolling parts storage

  • Carts include 4" casters; two rigid and two swivel with brakes to provide safe transportability.
  • Units have a push handle that helps to ease steering through busy facility floors. Models that measure 18" and 24" wide include two front handles while 30" wide and wider options include one side handle.
  • Drawers have a thumb latch lock mechanism to prevent drawers from opening on their own and creating an opportunity for theft.
  • The systems have a 100 lb load capacity per drawer with total drawer extension that allows users full access to stored contents.
  • Many drawer accessories available to add so users can create a custom solution based on application needs, including partitions, plastic bins, and hanging files.
  • Personalized cabinet configurations available 

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