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Last updated: December 13, 2018

Mini tablet cabinets with fold down doors & digital locks ensure secure access & use

mini tablet cabinets fold down doors digital locksElectronic mini tablet cabinets with fold down doors and digital locks provide class laptop charging storage that educators can program to ensure secure access and use. It keeps unauthorized users from tampering with valued equipment, allowing school districts to maximize their initial investment. Students then have the privilege to use the learning aids during lessons and can manage workloads with increased efficiency.

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Systems ship assembled, allowing teachers to handle installation within corners or against walls and avoid wasting valuable space in moments. Units have a solid appearance in the front, keeping stored hand-held electronics and more hidden from view during nonuse. A perforated design on the sides and rear allows ventilation to reach the interior and keep items cool and clean. It ensures compact notebook computers perform up to standard whenever needed, providing students with dependable access to technology.

Versatile class laptop charging storage stations

The class laptop charging storage stations can have alternative locking options, including basic security keys and padlock hasps that users add padlocks to. Configurations have doors which students and staff raise up and down to open and close the single space-efficient compartments that hold more than electronics. Library books, loose papers, and police museum pistols can lie flat to optimize space and avoid getting damaged while in storage.

class laptop charging storageConstruction: Full sturdy metal construction with perforated pattern ventilation holes that provide maximum airflow to keep equipment cool.

Sizes: Available with five, eight, or 10 space-efficient compartments that can hold everything from computer notebooks and books to pistols and more.

Charging: Each compartment contains two USB charging ports and one AC outlet to provide users with a steady power stream.

Doors: Doors fold down and stop at 90 degrees when opened, keeping them from blocking access to other compartments.

Available locking options include:

  • Padlock Hasp (padlock not included) able to accommodate user-provided security padlock.
  • Key Locks (Each compartment is keyed differently) able to provide efficient material theft and tampering protection.
  • Advanced Key Locks used when ordering over 100 different key variations to ensure no duplicate key locks
  • Digital Locks (see below) with multiple programmable settings to accommodate user security concerns.

Option: Optional laminate top available (speak with experts about pricing) to provide a smooth top surface. 

Finish: Powder-coated finish available in many attractive colors.

Assembly: Systems ship assembled to allow easier installation and faster use

Warranty: Three-year manufacturer's limited warranty on electrical components; Lifetime manufacturer's limited warranty on parts

Made in the USA

Electronic Lock Features (E-Locks may change without notice):

  • Users can set locks to "station" or "locker" mode at any time.
  • Powered by a coin type battery which can last four or more years. LED on the lock will flash to indicate low battery level.
  • Locks include six-digit master code for management security.

Station Mode:

  • Users can lock and unlock any available locker door with a user-selected four-digit code.
  • To reopen the locker, users must enter the four-digit code to unlock the door.
  • After users reopen lockers, the pin code gets erased and the cabinet can then accommodate another user.

Locker Mode:

  • Users enter a pre-programmed four-digit code to unlock and use the locker in a repetitive capacity 
  • The lock does not require a code to re-lock the door.

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