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Convenient military weapons rack storage locker kits protect firearms

military weapons rack storage locker kitsAs mini or transport rifle and long gun cabinets, these military weapons rack storage locker kits have everything users need to store and secure firearms. The components units contain can vary based on the chosen configuration. Some options include:

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  • A heavy-duty support rail with the durable versatility to accommodate mobile applications or pistols that require safekeeping to ensure proper handling.
  • A universal base
  • Standard transport barrel supports
  • Standard stock cups sold in pairs allow use with the universal base to ensure users have custom configuration flexibility.

Experts can provide specifics about the available models to ensure every branch finds the right solution. All have a perforated design that allows efficient airflow to keep firearms clean and performing up to standard.

Mini or transport rifle & long gun save military time & money

mini transport rifle long gun cabinetsThe mini or transport rifle long gun cabinets come ready-made with accessories, allowing facilities to save time and money during design. With easy access to necessary parts, users can create the safest and most organized firearm storage conditions in moments. Some models feature ergonomic handles to ensure more efficient and injury-free relocation. Users avoid dropping units on the floor during lifting and damaging stored arms, protecting facilities' material investment.

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