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Last updated: March 11, 2016

Mechanical assist mobile systems manipulate space for increased productivity

mechanical assist mobile systemsA sheriff's department was forced to get creative when it came to storing crime-scene evidence, recently. This was because advancements in forensics science and DNA technologies caused extended requirements for evidence storage to be enforced. It created an urgent need for evidence storage areas to be remodeled. In order to adhere to the newly formed evidence storage requirements, a storage solution called mechanical assist mobile systems was needed. It works to extend space and storage capacity for evidence. Controlled by a spoke-shaped handle, mechanical assist mobile systems feature carriages that compact when set in motion. As it condenses, it effectively maximizes storage capacity by eliminating the need for excess aisles and manipulates space for more productive uses. Watch mechanical assist mobile systems at work. 

Mechanical assist mobile system provide more flexibility

With the implementation of the mechanical assist mobile systems, the sheriff's department could more than meet the demands of the newly enforced requirements for evidence storage. It provided the flexibility needed to not only hold evidence used to annually try thousands of criminals, but comfortably store the near 2,000 submissions of evidence received on a monthly basis. This was because the systems functioned to extend space and storage capacity for evidence to two-and-four-times its originally size. It eliminated the need to expand operations offsite and saved money that would have been used for security.

Mechanical assist mobile systems has more storage capacity

extend space and storage capacity for evidenceIn addition, the mechanical assist mobile systems made the process of tracking inventory easy. This is because they are designed with more storage capacity to display evidence in an well-organized and efficient manner. It helped to account for what was physically stored there by creating better access to and speeding retrieval of bar-coded items when it came time to annually reconcile inventory. Mechanical assist mobile systems extend space and storage capacity for evidence by optimizing floor space.

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