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Last updated: May 04, 2016

Technician Locker Systems

technician locker systems distribution centersMechanic lockers, also known as technician locker systems, are available for distribution centers and a wide variety of other applications. These wire partition lockers allow technicians and mechanics to easily access the items they need for the day from their specified compartment, while all other stored items remain secure while allowing full visibility and ventilation.

Manage & Secure Inventory with Controlled Access

TechsnSpecsThe wire locker system allows drivers and technicians to enter your facility in a controlled environment. All of their parts and tools are sorted and stored in the lockers for pickup. Each compartment can be locked with a padlock, though a variety of other locking options are available, including biometrics, key card readers, keypad locks, and more.

GetAQuoteParts managers can load all the lockers at once from the reverse side of the technician locker systems. All items remain separated from the technician side of the system, allowing technicians/drivers access to their compartment only. Additional features and benefits include:

  • mechanic distribution locker systemsControl inventory by ensuring that all stored items are visible at all times
  • Control access to lockers with individual sturdy compartments
  • Easy restocking from the opposite side of the locker bay saves time for parts managers
  • Maintain or improve organization
  • Provide ventilation for stored items
  • Reduce costs associated with theft, loss, and time spent restocking and accounting for stored items
  • Technician locker systems can be set up in any configuration to integrate with your existing parts area

The technician locker systems are ideal for distribution centers, lift truck companies, cable companies, electric companies, plumbing and HVAC companies, and much more. (Shop metal and wood lockers online)

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