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Adaptable manual art rack and high density mobile systems

manual art rackWhen designing a new building for its collection of war-time relics, a museum with its eye on the future was looking for suitable storage solution which would allow for growth further down the road. Armed with the knowledge of what other institutions had done, the museum chose to utilize a combination of storage solutions - a manual art and high density mobile systems - because it was believed they would allow the museum to accomplish their goals, while accommodating their present needs for more flexible and efficient storage. Thanks to their superior adaptability, both systems could be easily configured to make space for collection growth, without jeopardizing the care of the over 5,000 military artifacts already in storage. We offer a variety of racks for art storage at our online store, not just the manual art rack

Manual art rack saves space

A manual art rack allows for better space utilization where exhibitions are concerned, making it an ideal place to display the museum's collection of framed artwork. This is because it takes up less space, but features twice as much storage capacity than options of similar design. In addition, because the wire-mesh material it is constructed from can be seen from either side, manipulating the position of works stored there is made easier when arranged. Valuable space is also saved when using a manual art rack because art is removed from the floor.

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High density mobile systems for more storage capacity

and high density mobile systemsHigh density mobile systems effectively make space for collection growth by compacting movable carriages into a smaller footprint, using less space than what is available for more storage capacity. The operation is achieved with assistance from an electronically-controlled push button or three-spoke handle that turns. With its installation, the museum was able to house objects of varying shapes and sizes - including hanging uniforms, helmets and officer caps, as well as personal-effects artifacts - in drawers without any problem. The systems also worked well for the storing of framed art, military objects and garments, as well as weapons and books. Watch high density mobile systems in action.

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