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Mail sorter shelf cabinets promote efficiency & organization

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Stand alone mail sorter shelf cabinets provide paper and ink storage with lockable doors and roll down shutters that keep stored content safe. Adjustable slots allow users to drop off outgoing post with efficiency on the bottom. The oval-shaped components can fit envelopes and small packages, yet small enough to keep users from reaching in and tampering with items. Place a user-provided mail tub in the space to keep items organized and speed extraction.

Paper & ink storage with lockable doors

Units feature ample paper and ink storage with lockable doors right in the center to prevent users from depleting valued supplies too fast. The roll down shutters hang from the top when not in use and can provide security from end to end in no time. The feature provides a solid barrier when engaged and locks with a key to ensure an extra line of security. It ensures total protection when in use, allowing users to keep sensitive content and valuable supplies from view. Shelving inserts help users to compartmentalize the area right below to avoid wasting space that keeps mail organized.

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