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Police & military weapons & ammunition storage lockers save space

police military weapons ammunition storage lockersRecessed mounting long gun and pistol wall cabinets provide police and military weapons and ammunition storage lockers designed to save space. As a secure and discreet storage solution, it keeps firearms safe and hidden from view to prevent improper handling. Government agencies on the state and federal levels get to optimize underused spaces while putting it to more efficient use with its installation. Pick from durable units with basic key or advanced digital locking options that provide secure access to prevent theft.

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Long gun & pistol wall cabinets 

These long gun and pistol wall cabinets have an interior spacious enough to organize and consolidate firearm evidence into one convenient location. It ensures law enforcement facilities can save money on storage while optimizing underused areas to maximize use. Specialized holders and shelves on the inside help secure firearms in place to prevent damage.

Construction: Durable 20-gauge steel frame designed to accept recessed mounting in the wall and free up the floor to accommodate more productive uses.

Sizes: Available in 16" and 24"widths; 18", 36", and 54" heights; and a 4" depth to accommodate user needs.

Doors: Full-height piano-hinged 16-gauge steel door with 1/4" diameter steel locking rods. Users can adjust doors from left to right hinged in the field to allow ergonomic use.

Locking options: Key or digital locks with many programmable settings (see below) available.

Finish: Powder coat finish available in several colors that add pleasing aesthetics. 

Assembly: Systems ship assembled

Warranty: Three-year manufacturer's limited warranty

Made in the USA

long gun pistol wall cabinetsElectronic Lock Features (E-Locks may change without notice):

  • Users can set locks to "station" or "locker" mode at any time.
  • Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries which can operate up to four or more years. LED on the lock will flash to indicate low battery level.
  • Locks include five-digit master code for management security.

Station Mode:

  • Users can lock and unlock any available locker door with a user-selected 4-digit code.
  • To reopen the locker, users must enter the four-digit code to unlock the door.
  • After locker is reopened, the pin code is erased and the locker is available to accommodate the next user.

Locker Mode:

  • Users enter a pre-programmed four-digit code to unlock and use the locker in a repetitive capacity.
  • The lock does not require a code to relock the door.

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