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Juvenile detention wall storage cabinets save space

juvenile detention wall storage cabinets

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Programmable lockers with safety inspection window doors provide juvenile detention wall storage cabinets durable enough to hang from underused areas and save space. It frees up the area right in front, allowing guards to stand close enough and examine contents. The clear front ensures personnel can see items locked inside while avoiding injury. Fill the interior with items youths cannot have while serving court-mandated sentences. This includes unlawful contraband confiscated during the intake process. It helps prevent illegal activities from going on under the radar, keeping everyone safe. Able to fit standard or advanced electronic locks, systems regulate user access to prevent theft.

Lockers with safety inspection window doors

Other lockers, with safety inspection window doors, stand tall and have a slim design that can fit narrow areas to optimize vertical space use. It prevents facilities such as schools and more from wasting space, ensuring more efficient use. These have legs that provide sturdy balance to prevent unsteady while configurations stand on the floor. Each has ample space underneath to fit a broom and allow staff to eliminate dirt hiding there. It ensures facilities maintain high cleanliness standards and avoid falling into disrepair.

lockers safety inspection window doorsBody Components: Feature 24-gauge steel construction durable enough to provide reliable service that lasts.

Doors: Frames constructed from sturdy 16-gauge steel with clear polycarbonate inserts/doors tough enough to withstand abuse

Hinges: Continuous piano-type (16 gauge) design able to minimize wear and tear while reducing noise to eliminate distractions during use.

Handles: Stainless steel recessed handle with 3-point gravity latching system (2-point used with double and triple tier lockers) secure enough to prevent tampering and theft. Box locker handles have a single-point finger pull friction catch.

Programmable Electronic Locks: Lock (see below) serves as door pull when in the open position

Legs: Sturdy 6" high legs come as a standard (except four-wide wall mount horizontal lockers) feature to ensure balance and prevent unsteady use.

Number Plates: (No. 1-up) include mounting hardware (aluminum) required to complete installation during assembly and help speed recognition with every use.

Finish: Painted parchment design inside and out provides an attractive look

GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified™

Polycarbonate Doors Safety Data: Meets UL flammability standards. Polycarbonate approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC16CFR 1201) U.S. Patent No. D458 064S

Warranty: Manufacturer's two-year warranty on lockers

Programmable Electronic Lock Features (on Designated Lockers):

  • Powered by two AA batteries (included) which provide in excess of 10,000 uses
  • LED's flash to indicate low battery level
  • Users can open lockers when batteries reach low levels or go dead with a mechanical master key override
  • Eight-digit master and sub-master codes for two levels of management security

Two lock modes:

  • Day Use Mode - Users can lock and unlock the door with a user selected code upon return. The user enters the four-digit code to unlock the door; the code then gets erased and the locker can accommodate the next user.
  • Permanent use mode - User enters a pre-programmed four-digit code to unlock and use the locker in a repetitive capacity. The lock does not require a code to re-lock the door.

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