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Industrial compartmentalized storage cabinets with flexible space

lockers hooks adjustable shelves industrial compartmentalized storage cabinets

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Open lockers with hooks and adjustable shelves provide industrial compartmentalized storage cabinets with flexible space to keep items organized. Their design includes components to one side, which users can adapt to accommodate smaller items. Others welded to separate areas allow users to hang required work attire. This includes vests and overalls that protect users while working with harsh materials to promote better health and safety. Work boots can fit on the other side or down below for added handiness.

Lockers with hooks & adjustable shelves

Lockers with hooks, adjustable shelves can accommodate items that belong to four users at one time. Each provides efficient space to store everything in one place while still keeping it separate from others stuff. It reduces the probability that one user would take another's belongings home, allowing companies to keep replacement apparel costs down.  The open front allows convenient access to items that users must keep close and ready to use. If needed, add doors that provide security to prevent user tampering or theft and keep valuable items safe. The systems have heavy-duty steel construction and legs that promote durable, lasting use.

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