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Last updated: March 04, 2016

Lockers, Cage Secure High Density Mobile Systems Improve Storage Efficiency

lockersA naval unit changed how they approached the job of storing infantry gear and equipment after the pressure to downsize and improve readiness procedures for increased operational commitments left them with no other choice. At the moment, their facilities were limited and posed quite a problem when it came to storing and staging equipment for deployment. They would need to put a more efficient storage method in place in order to comply with the increase in expectations that had become ever present over the last few years. It would also need to address the issue of accessibility with quick ease and efficiency as the battalion was put in charge of storing, maintaining, and issuing infantry equipment and uniforms for over 450 active-duty servicemen and thousands of reservists. The storage solution also needed to accommodate tools needed for construction projects and equipment gear that were housed and maintained in the central tool room. Lockers and cage secure high density mobile systems were used to improve storage efficiency for better military operation compliance. Click here to see how high density systems improve storage efficiency through effective use of floor space.

Control-access lockers, cage secure high density mobile systems  

A few storage areas were redesigned in order to achieve maximum accessibility and security at the facility. One area focused on improving individual storage was equipped with custom-built lockers measuring four-stories high that were fixed to a power-driven high density mobile system. The lockers served as a place for the military unit to safely and securely stow infantry equipment they personally used in preparation for deployment, increasing readiness levels. Since the lockers were individually assigned, access was better integrated to improve storage efficiency. In addition, cage secure high density mobile systems were installed as a way to keep equipment safe, accessible, and ready to go when needed. And with the fencing to protect the systems, access to the equipment stored there was more controlled. This meant the chances of lost of stolen equipment was significantly less than before. 

cage secured high density mobile systems

Lockers & secure high density mobile systems increase job flexibility

Since the lockers and cage secure high density mobile systems had the ability to move and condense with just the touch of a button, the unit had more than enough space to adequately store and maintain stock for the large group of servicemen and reservists without any problem. It not only helped them to be better organized, but provided increased flexibility and functionality to meet the demands of their job. They were also able to maximize their storage capacity, making it more efficient in the process. Wire partition panels are also available to protect lockers and cage secure high density mobile systems.improve storage efficiency

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