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Last updated: March 14, 2019

Benefits of using locker walls partitions & collaboration islands

locker walls partitions collaboration islandsNew locker walls, partitions, and collaboration islands provide office employee and school storage banks that combine durability and aesthetics into one solution. All available configurations withstand grouping to form pleasing systems that allow convenient day-use in flexible work and academic learning spaces. Read on to learn more about the benefits each provides while functioning in these environments.

If wanting to maximize space, experts recommend integrating locker walls into the construction. It creates a seamless run built into the perimeter or floorplan, eliminating the need to expand existing space. Have experts install the durable systems within hallway alcoves that host increased foot traffic as in the sample installations. Organizations then put the often overlooked spaces to more efficient use while providing staff or students convenient access.

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Those looking to break up unwanted noise heard throughout open workspaces should use alternative partitions. While as durable and attractive as the other two options, it separates space to reduce permanent construction in productive areas. Ask experts to install these flexible boundaries in common spaces to create intimate work conditions. Personnel and students then have some privacy and avoid hearing distracting sounds that can slow productivity.

The standalone collaboration islands have integrated cabinets below to secure personal belongings, allowing users peace of mind. It provides efficient workspace areas small groups can use during corporate team-building activities designed to boost morale. With comfortable access to ample counter space, users avoid feeling cramped while working.

Office employee & school storage features designed to increase productivity & security

office employee school storageThe office employee school storage banks come standard with features designed to increase productivity and security. Some available options include:

  • Full overlay access door with a durable and attractive steel double-wall finish available in many powder coat finishes.
  • Hidden stainless steel slam-proof hinges with an adjustable closing rate.
  • Optional number tags made from adhesive plastic allow users to easily identify one locker from another.
  • Optional rear vent provides efficient airflow to keep user belongings clean and dry.
  • Optional interior coat hook to keep hanging garments organized.

Standard locking options available to provide efficient protection against material theft and tampering include:

  • Digilock keypad lock operates using an alphanumeric keypad or key slot via ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant user key.
  • Zephyr keypad lock operates using a numeric keypad with programmable capabilities to accommodate temporary day or permanent use.
  • Digilock mechanical lock operates using a combination locking system, with a code that users select. It allows resetting after use, ensuring secure access.
  • Hasp lock can accommodate any lock to secure contents while in use or remain accessible whenever empty.
  • The keyed lock operates through individual key use, with a master key that controls entire locker bank access.

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