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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Cosmetology class supply storage cabinets maximize space

lockable doors vo tech school shelving cosmetology class supply storage cabinetsAdapting lockable doors to vo-tech school shelving provides cosmetology class supply storage cabinets that span an entire wall to maximize space. Facilities avoid wasting the underused areas and provide optimal student learning conditions. Units have a seamless look that keeps dust out to ensure sanitary material use.

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Beauticians in training can secure hair care bottles and more there when class finishes, keeping shared workspaces clean and organized. Then, access and retrieve items as needed while practicing proper techniques on actual clients. Resources not in use avoid getting misplaced or stolen, saving facilities from buying replacements.

Secure lockable doors & vo-tech school shelving

Experts can attach full-height lockable doors to the vo-tech school shelving in moments to ensure proper and secure use. The sample installation stands against an otherwise unoccupied wall to promote better space use. Students have safer access to the floor while working on clients' hair, helping eliminate injuries. Systems have handles that allow users quick, easy and comfortable access to stored materials. Units match floor tiles, creating facility space that looks beautiful from every angle.

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