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Last updated: April 20, 2018

Secure library shelving on heavy-low bases with casters solves logistical problems

library shelving heavy low profile bases casters lockingLibrary shelving on heavy, low-profile bases with casters and a locking system create mobile book shelf carts that have the flexibility to secure in place. Experts designed the systems in response to a request from a former client with a need to solve logistical challenges. Continue reading to learn more about the systems' installation and use.

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The facility features a unique architectural design that looks stunning, but some logistical challenges have come to light since construction more than a decade ago. Completing simple maintenance tasks such as changing light built bulbs in the atrium area proved troublesome. With light sockets installed 50 feet above the floor, management realized that they would need to purchase a custom-built lift to reach them. The team would also need to move book stacks to ensure enough space to maneuver the lift into place. The task would need doing every so often and operation staff did not want to unload and re-load materials each time.

Local storage experts collaborated with library staff to design a solution that could solve the problem. The engineering team created and tested a prototype that mounted library shelving on heavy, low-profile bases which do not tip and can handle moving. Experts than mounted casters and a locking system to the bases interior to hide the mechanisms and create a sleek look. The mobile book shelf carts secure into the floor to create the look and functionality that static shelves have. Staff can unlock and move the shelving to create safe and flexible space that can accommodate other productive activities.

Mobile book shelf carts promote safe & flexible space use

mobile book shelf cartsMany mobile book shelf carts blend in well with static shelves installed throughout the library. It pleases the library staff, which have the flexibility to roll the shelves elsewhere when maintenance tasks need doing. Personnel can clear out units with ease and have safe, flexible space to accommodate after-hour receptions and other events.

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