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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Flexible book media display storage carts allow space-saving relocation

library shelving cabinets slim concealed wheelsSpecialized library shelving cabinets on slim concealed wheels provide book media display storage carts flexible enough to allow space-saving relocation. It ensures staff can free up productive floor space to accommodate other activities in moments. Adapt the areas to create kid-friendly story-time environments or private reading and study spaces.

Systems feature 2" hidden casters on the bottom that provide safe transportability during relocation, allowing staff to have the space to meet program needs. It ensures facilities can utilize existing footprints to expand services without rearranging everything. Optimize high-traffic common areas to host everything from fundraisers and family-friendly movie nights to adult craft activities and book club meetings.

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Attractive library shelving cabinets on slim concealed wheels

book media display storage cartsThe library shelving cabinets have slim concealed wheels underneath that can withstand a full book stack load and swivel 360 degrees to provide users mobile flexibility. Design wise, users can integrate custom end panels with no interruptions to ensure systems keep the mobile function hidden and look like static shelves. Units appear polished to the naked eye, making use attractive during busy browsing times.

Staff can store materials flat and angled or standing up with spines facing out to allow browsers easy material access and speed title reading. It ensures facilities avoid wasting value space while putting it to more efficient use. 

  • Starter and add-on units up to three sections long available to accommodate user needs
  • Unit heights range from 42" through 72" high
  • Custom heights available
  • Durable steel or custom end panels and tops available to add an attractive and clean look.

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