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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Upgrading library shelves with computer monitors & tables

kiosks book storage countersExperts adapt existing, pre-lit library shelves with computer monitors and tables to create kiosks that have book storage counters underneath in this case study. Realizing that patrons want access to modern technology, staff asked experts to help upgrade it. The 15-year old sleek stacks still have features from the original installation, allowing project consultants to ensure seamless technology integration. Patrons could then use the convenient self-service stations to look up materials and more. Read on to learn how experts updated the shelves to ensure staff could better meet patrons' needs.

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During the original installation, experts designed the library shelves' uprights with channels to fit electrical systems that control overhead lighting. Realizing this, experts recognized the parts could store wiring helping power the computer monitors. And using them to do it would allow the library to save on costs and afford the upgrade.

To ensure patrons have access to tables with safe space to store personal belongings and more, experts added matching acrylic boxes to certain end panels. It prevents those using the touchscreens from leaving items on the floor, reducing theft. Systems have the same attractive and clean look as the existing stacks and take up little floor space, promoting efficient footprint use.

Convenient kiosks with book storage counters

library shelves computer monitors tablesThe convenient touchscreen kiosks with book storage counters underneath allow patrons to do many things, including:

  • Finding protected collections located in the aisles.
  • Placing available items on hold.

Users feel more self-sufficient while interacting with modern technology and avoid asking busy staff to help track down materials.

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