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Last updated: May 11, 2018

Why professionals like library media shelves with roll out browsing boxes

library media shelves roll out browsing boxesLibrary media shelves with roll out browsing boxes provide kids book, music and video disc storage that users can access with ergonomic ease. Storage experts designed and installed the systems within two separate facilities with similar needs. Continue reading to learn why staff like the attractive shelving and how patrons benefit from their use.

The library media shelves with roll out browsing boxes strike a favorable chord with industry professionals time and again for many reasons, including:

  • Users can access available items in the back with as much ergonomic ease as the front.
  • Selecting materials based on how the front cover looks rather than reading the spine appeals more to young readers.
  • Each can accommodate many uses that go far beyond storing CDs and DVDs, making the solution more versatile.
  • Have the levels closer to allow better browsing and density in the elevation.

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Kids book or music & video disc storage allows organized & efficient browsing

music video disc storageEach kids book or music and video disc storage unit provides ample space to display items in an organized capacity, allowing users to flip through selections with ease. Users can slide the shelf levels out independent from one another to have an up close and personal look at available materials. Extending each out brings stored collection items within users reach to avoid injury during retrieval. Use the convenient worksurface on top to display popular reads or leave the space empty to create a clean appearance.

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