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Library bay shelves with repurposed CD DVD baskets promote sustainability

library bay shelves repurposed cd dvd basketsLibrary bay shelves with repurposed CD and DVD baskets create book browsing bins with graphics and lights that add kid-friendly aesthetics and visibility. The staff made the decision to reuse the components after reducing its media collection. It would allow the institution to avoid tossing the extra items into the landfill while promoting environmental sustainability. Continue reading to learn more about the system's reuse and features that ensure kids have a better experience.

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Aware that the book browsing bins would have graphics and lights, storage experts tried a new adaptive and concealed lighting solution. Its plug and play design provides fast and hassle-free installation. Users illuminate shelves on an individual basis to create even light distribution on each shelf. It breathes life and emotion back into areas with poor visibility, making the spaces safer and more inviting to young readers.

Book browsing bins with graphics & lights add aesthetics

book browsing bins graphics lightsThe library bay shelves with repurposed CD and DVD baskets display an eclectic book selection that covers many educational topics which interest children. This includes everything from animals and creativity to science and world exploration. These book browsing bins store items at an ergonomic accessible angle while graphics and lights help direct users to the correct aisle and add pleasing aesthetics. Other books on lower shelves have spines facing outward to allow easy title reading.

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