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Last updated: December 31, 2018

Large yoga studio ball wall racks save space

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large yoga studio ball wall racksLarge yoga studio ball wall racks provide pilates fitness class supply display storage sturdy enough to hang high off the floor and save space. It frees up the area right in front, allowing those working out to have ready access to organized equipment. Users avoid injury while retrieving exercise balls and can finish routines without delay. Then, return equipment back to the shelves rather than leave everything on the floor and avoid creating a safety hazard. It promotes more efficient cleanup during closing times while allowing convenient shared use. Facilities spend less on gear and save money while meeting members' service needs with increased efficiency.

Reliable pilates fitness class supply display storage 

pilates fitness class supply display storage

Users can install the pilates fitness class supply display storage from floor to ceiling to maximize vertical space. Leaving ample space between shelf levels during assembly allows air to flow through and eliminates dust collection. It ensures users have access to cleaner equipment, promoting safer sharing whenever someone handles the items. Gear avoids falling to the floor and getting damage while on the shelves, ensuring reliable use well into the future. Hardware required to complete installation not included. Configurations come in up to five widths ranging from 30" through 72" to accommodate user needs.

  • Rails manufactured from durable cold-rolled low carbon steel that can support a 125 lb. weight capacity
  • Wall brackets made from .125" thick cold-rolled steel (wall mounting hardware not included) provide added durability.
  • The 72" wide units use two wall brackets and made up of two 36" rail pieces with double threaded screws to create 72" long support rails.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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