Megamat ASRS LEAN Storage Solutions Including Kardex Carousels and Remstar Lifts

There are four goals to consider when talking about Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems like Megamat ASRS LEAN Storage Solutions: adaptability for current and future needs, functional layout and space configuration, safety and comfort for employees, and sustainable technologies and practices. Kardex Carousels and Remstar Lifts (also known as Megamat Carousels and Lifts) will help you reach all of these goals of a well managed space efficient and employee productive inventory storage facility. Click here to learn more about ASRS storage.

What are Megamat ASRS Kardex Carousels and Remstar Lifts?

ASRS Kardex Carousels consist of a series of movable shelves that rotate around a track via the shortest path to deliver selected parts inventory safely and quickly to an ergonomically positioned workstation (click here to view photos of Kardex Carousels). ASRS Remstar Lifts are an enclosed system of vertically arranged storage trays, an extraction platform and a series of computerized controls that delivers parts to an ergonomically situated workstation where an operator picks or replenishes the parts. Remstar Lifts locate and retrieve vertically stored parts inventory trays with a push of a button or a scan of a bar code (click her to view photos of Remstar Lifts).

How Kardex Carousels and Remstar Lifts Create ASRS LEAN Storage Solutions

The Kardex Carousels and Remstar Lifts will adapt to your specific needs now and in the future because of their ingenious modular design. The ASRS unit height can be changed quickly and inexpensively to meet any changes in inventory levels or work flow for your warehouse or distribution center. Because the Kardex Carousels and Remstar Lifts extend vertically, they turn unused overhead space into productive storage space. They store the same amount of parts and inventory as traditional bin shelving in 70% less floor space.

ASRS Kardex Carousels and Remstar Lifts are a great way to invest in sustainable technologies. Because they conserve so much floor space, you can build smaller buildings, and save energy and money on heating, cooling, and lighting your facility’s parts storage area. The Kardex Carousels and Remstar Lifts also provide a quick return on investment (ROI). The Kardex Carousels and Remstar Lifts were created and designed to allow companies looking for sustainable LEAN storage solutions to remain competitive by saving floor space, eliminating waste, and doing more with less.

Designing and Installing Megamat ASRS Lean Storage Solutions

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