Intimate Apparel Brand Library Storage

intimate apparel brand library storageIf you’re thinking about creating new storage areas or modernizing or retrofitting existing ones for intimate apparel, high-density hanging apparel, and garment shelving is the way to go.

Intimate apparel retail facilities face storage issues regarding not having enough hanging apparel or garment shelving space. Intimate apparel designers also carry an extensive brand library at their headquarters. These sample libraries contain activewear, intimates, and loungewear on-site, enabling buyers and designers to reference past designs as they work.

Retail staff and brand library staff face a set of challenges when storing and retrieving items for stock, meetings, and more. Those challenges include replacing older apparel for newer items, returning stock, retrieving stock, and tracking apparel storage. Using high-density mobile storage helps those in this field meet these challenges.

Understanding Retail Intimate Apparel Storage and Garment Shelving

Implementation of a high-density mobile storage system provides a more convenient and quicker way for staff to access intimate apparel storage. These systems achieve that goal while simultaneously accommodating thousands of pieces of intimate apparel in a small space.

Hanging garment high-density storage provides adjustable hanging rails for retail facilities, warehouses, and intimate apparel brand designers. The adjustable hanging rails and shelving racks adjust to increase stock density for intimate apparel. These systems are ideal for stockrooms where they require extra space capacity to achieve maximum stock density.

Hanging apparel and garment shelving racks feature designs specifically for the following examples:intimate apparel storage shelving

  • Choir robes
  • Chemical-resistant coveralls
  • Cleanroom garments
  • Costumes
  • Firefighter suits
  • Jumpsuits
  • Lab coats
  • Long gowns
  • Overalls
  • Retail clothing
  • Uniforms

Why Facilities Should Use High-Density Apparel Storage

In today’s retail environments, space is at a premium. There are hard copies of product catalogs, apparel samples, stock, and many other miscellaneous items. These items all make storage areas and shelving over-flow. The answer is high-density mobile storage because moving to a larger space or using an off-site storage facility isn’t always feasible.

When there isn’t enough storage space at a facility, things become too cluttered and stressful. Even though many businesses are moving to paperless solutions, they must still have room for stock. They must also have space for samples, uniforms, office supplies, and retail inventory. This retail inventory arrives regularly, so facilities must have a place to store it now.high density apparel garment storage

High-density mobile storage makes the most of a facility’s available space. It achieves that goal by incurring a minimal storage footprint. That way, this solution can store a significant amount of goods without the need to purchase an off-site storage unit or move to a larger facility. Here are some additional reasons why facilities should incorporate a high-density mobile storage system into their existing footprint:

  • Save time: Employees spend less time searching through apparel storage, thus reducing the drain on productivity and time.
  • Save money: It’s costly, inconvenient, and time-consuming to use off-site storage. This storage solution frees up floor space, thus allowing retail facilities greater flexibility.
  • Simplify and improve apparel storage: Because many retail facilities are space-compromised, this solution is a streamlined way to keep inventory accessible and organized.

In the United States, 2019 saw 1.9 trillion dollars in retail apparel and footwear sales. The industry stores a significant amount of its inventory in large warehouses. It stays in these facilities for long timeframes before hitting the sales floor. Therefore, staff members must account for every piece of inventory at all times. Not only does this create an accurate inventory count, but it allows for the quick location of items.

By incorporating high-density apparel storage, modern warehouses can manage this critical task. Additionally, many warehouses provide their clients with real-time access to this data. That way, they can make better purchasing and shipping decisions.

How High-Density Apparel Storage Improves Efficiency

Clothing and intimate apparel stores require massive amounts of inventory storage. It’s a continuous balance of ensuring enough inventory satisfies consumer demand and not overwhelming storage spaces. Using high-density apparel storage can store the same amount of inventory in half the space. The flexibility available through these solutions allows retail facilities to locate and store the items they need accurately.

Retail facilities can operate more efficiently because there’s less wasted aisles space. The main reason is that this type of mobile storage allows for more inventory, better product accessibility, and less wasted space in storage rooms. That means businesses have additional revenue-generating space while they simultaneously reduce their storage footprint.

Benefits and Features of High-Density Intimate Apparel Storage

Facilities and intimate apparel designers face several challenges regarding keeping track of storage in today’s retail business environment. Because of the numerous moving pieces, it’s challenging to know an inventory’s contents and location. That’s where the benefit of using high-density storage comes into play. Not only is hanging apparel and other storage easily accessible, but it’s also efficient.

Additional benefits include:

  • Save space: Sudden spikes in demand can occur as seasons and consumer demands change. Avoid devastating productivity and increase throughput using high-density storage solutions.high density garment apparel racks
  • Free up time: Staff spends a significant amount of time searching for inventory and not enough time fulfilling orders. High-density shelving racks and hanging apparel solutions boost productivity by dramatically condensing storage.
  • Reduce damages and losses: It isn’t easy to avoid product damage or loss in busy storage areas. Protect inventory from airborne contaminants and moisture and prevent items from falling out using enclosed storage.

Large volumes of orders and unpredictable sales fluctuations create challenges regarding inventory accuracies and efficiencies. Retail facilities need to know they’re using space efficiently and that productivity isn’t dropping due to accessibility issues. Hanging apparel and garment shelving racks create time-savings, durability, and inventory control.

Additional features include:

  • Adjustable shelving racks enable staff members to accommodate a wide variety of storage containers, hanging garments, and more.
  • Heavy-duty construction means these storage solutions can handle frequent turnover and last a long time.
  • Garment racks for hanging apparel create additional storage space in backrooms, warehouses, and other storage areas.

How High-Density Mobile Storage Benefits the Military

High-density mobile storage isn’t only for retail inventory. These systems are also beneficial to professionals working in the government, military, and private sectors. High-density storage helps keep many items, including parts, tools, and weapons, safe and in a centralized location. When professionals need these items, they can locate them in less time because of the storage system’s efficiency.

Because space is at a premium on military bases worldwide, storage solutions give commanders and soldiers the ability to promptly and efficiently access the equipment they need. Timing is everything in the military. The faster military professionals can access supplies, the sooner their mission can begin. Specific items, like ammunition and weaponry, must have careful and secure storage.

Any branch of the military can benefit from high-density equipment storage solutions. That includes:

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Defense contracts
  • Marines
  • National Guard
  • Navy
  • Paramilitary units
  • Space Force

Technical Specifications and Design

As e-commerce continues increasing, so are the needs for better-designed retail material handling solutions. It isn’t uncommon for facilities to use in-house engineering teams for these solutions. Architects and designers provide innovative high-density storage solutions to athletes, colleges, law enforcement officials, libraries, medical facilities, military professionals, universities, and more.

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General Technical Specifications:

  • Includes floor tracks
  • Includes rolling wire shelving racks
  • Wire shelving racks roll easily on tracks using industrial-type bearings.
  • Constructed from non-corrosive steel and anodized aluminum

Intimate Apparel Storage Solutions

Intimate apparel hanging and shelving racks feature designs that maximize a facility’s floor space storage. That way, they can use that space for other productive purposes. These storage solutions are ideal for retail backrooms, storage closets, storage rooms, and more. The technical specifications for each of the high-density storage systems vary by height, storage capacity, weight, and more. Here are two examples:

Model: High-Density Hanging Clothing Racks: #SMS-49-WRGR-63-24120-4U

  • Depth: All shelving units are 24″ deephanging apparel garment storage racks
  • Dimensions: 12′ Wide x 10′ Long x 5’6″ High
  • Hanger rod: 1″ diameter that accepts standard hangers
  • Shelves: Adjustable wire shelves with chrome-plated posts
  • Warranty: One-year manufactures warranty on chrome shelving; five years on tracks and wheels
  • Weight: 567 pounds

Model: Garment Racks Backroom Storage: #SMS-49-WRGR-63-24108-6U

  • Depth: All shelving units are 24″ deep
  • Dimensions: 16′ Wide x 9′ Long x 5’6″ High
  • Hanger rod: 1″ diameter that accepts standard hangers
  • Shelves: Adjustable wire shelves with chrome-plated posts
  • Warranty: One-year manufactures warranty on chrome shelving; five years on tracks and wheels
  • Weight: 813 pounds

When retail facilities have expert designers on staff, they can integrate storage solutions within an existing footprint. Integrating high-density mobile storage solutions involves several architectural and design phases.

Architectural and design phases:

  1. Spec creation following a thorough site evaluation
  2. Presentation of plans following CAD drawings
  3. Project integration within the facility’s existing building design
  4. Installation of high-density mobile storage within the facility’s existing footprint

High-Density Storage Solutions for Retail Intimate Apparel Storage

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