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Attractive work surface acrylic laminate maple & steel tabletops

industrial workbench storage cabinetsIndustrial workbench storage cabinets provide a durable furniture solution designed to thrive in harsh environments. Able to accommodate acrylic, laminate, maple and steel tabletops, accessories and caster wheel mobility kits, units offer design flexibility while also providing an attractive surface which users can work from. The systems include lockable doors that slide open and closed to keep essential tools safe, but near the point of need to ensure easy access so users can be productive. Their use is appropriate for a wide variety of applications, including assembly lines, labs, maintenance departments, and shipping and receiving areas.

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Benefits to using mobility kits with industrial work storage cabinets

Using caster wheel mobility kits in conjunction with these industrial work storage cabinets will allow many added benefits. Among them are:

  • Quick and efficient material transferral from one location to another
  • Units can move to save or create space that matches users needs
  • Safe transportability

Features for industrial workbench storage cabinets

acrylic laminate maple steel tabletopsSpecific features relating to the industrial workbench storage cabinets include:

Work Surfaces: Worktops are available in 1-3/4" painted steel, 1-3/4" laminated maple hardwood, 1-1/2" plastic laminate, and 1-1/2" resistant acrylic PVC plastic laminate top. The top thickness combined with the leg height equals an overall height that measures 34" to 35"

Bench Legs: Legs made from durable one-piece steel construction. Stationary legs measure 32" high plus the worktop thickness. Overall leg height with casters measures 33", plus the worktop thickness.

Casters: Accommodates 4" non-marking poly casters with two rigid casters and two swivel casters with brakes to ensure safe transportability.

Unit includes sliding doors with lock and closed back and sides, plus bottom shelf and an extra 12" intermediate shelf that provide ample material storage

Warranty: One-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Accessories: Bench accessories including drawers, stainless steel and ESD dissipative tops available

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