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Last updated: March 14, 2019

Durable industrial steel shelving cabinets organize & protect equipment

industrial steel shelving cabinets adjustable small machine parts tool storageIndustrial steel shelving cabinets provide adjustable small machine parts and tool storage flexible enough to keep supplies safe and organized. Its simple yet durable closed design provides efficient dust protection, keeping stored items clean. Users have ergonomic access from the front, ensuring quick and injury-free item retrieval.

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Adjustable small machine parts & tool storage

Have experts stand the standard heavy-duty adjustable small machine parts and tool storage against empty walls. It ensures efficient space use and safer access to the floor, preventing staff injuries. Units' open front allows efficient airflow to eliminate dust, keeping everything clean. It provides users with ample visibility too, preventing picking errors that can slow productivity.

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System components adapt every 2", allowing users to maximize space efficiency within the existing footprint. Store organized materials flat during consolidation to prevent damage and ensure proper handling. Configurations best to use in harsh environments that have concerns about durability rather than security.

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