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Last updated: January 19, 2017

Industrial compact freezer racking optimizes aerospace composite inventory space

industrial compact freezer rackingWhile many industries are in the throws of an economic downturn, the outlook for the aerospace market is bright. Its potential for growth and financial value are equally poised to increase considerably in just under 10 years time. As one might imagine, such a dramatic upswing, will undoubtedly result in increased demands for storage. Fortunately, industrial compact freezer racking already exists to meet these unique industry needs. It optimizes aerospace composite inventory space with support of rails that facilitate movement to eliminate wasted aisles, helping to save building and operating costing in the process by storing more material in a smaller footprint. With powered push button control, users are cost-effectively presented with the added capacity needed to offset any expensive of the refrigerated space in just moments. Click here to see how mobile industrial compact racking optimizes space allows for added storage capacity.

Industrial compact freezer racking optimal choice for composite manufacturing facility

optimizes aerospace composite inventory spaceNo one knows this better than a large composite manufacturing facility, who recently combed over three options when looking for the best way to achieve the added capacity they longed for. The choices were straightforward and involved either renting additional freezer space, building a new freezer with conventional push-back racking, or constructing a new cooler unit with industrial compact freezer racking.

While a thorough analysis swayed the vote in favor of the industrial compact freezer racking unit, additional needs for the stored materials had just as much bearing on the final decision. After all, it is the material makeup of the composites which allows aircraft to be of a more lighter, stronger and fuel efficient construction when crafted by aerospace manufacturers. Composite materials are also better able to resist against corrosion and fatigue-related failure once finished. However, they require containment within immensely cold temperatures when unfinished until the time when they are formed and finished for assembly. Click here to see video on compact racking.

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Given the climate conditions needed to secure fully-functioning materials, in addition to concerns about accessibility and organization of inventory, industrial compact freezer racking was the optimal choice for their needs. Here's why:

  • With the capacity to optimally function in temperatures that go as low as -20 degrees F, the system easily ensured the maintenance of any unfinished composite materials
  • It also optimizes aerospace composite inventory space by reducing its storage footprint by half
  • Stored materials are more accessible and organized

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