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Last updated: October 25, 2017

Making space to accommodate indoor police bike property vertical bicycle storage

indoor police bike property without bike storage racksMaking space to accommodate two-wheeled bike parking is a challenge many industries face. The big question on everyone's mind is where they find it? One police department knows the answer. It takes help from expert-designed indoor police bike property vertical bicycle storage. Sounds expensive, right? It isn't, not once factoring in the space adding high-density movable racks to it will save you. It's at least double the capacity available with traditional storage. To grasp the full concept, you must read about the dilemma facing the police department.

Bikes often end up in the hands of police, if lost or recovered from theft. Those unclaimed sit accumulating in number and monopolizing premium storage space. This was not quite the situation facing the profiled department. Using interior building capacity wasn't even an option, until finishing construction on a new safety facility. There wasn't enough room to go around. Rather, the bikes landed outside where they could take on water damage.

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So, setting aside indoor space to accommodate bike storage became a top priority. Allocating space to store the unclaimed bikes occurred during the building design phase. It wasn't until moving that officers realized it was not enough, though. There were too many bikes requiring accommodation, making organization difficult. Retrieval was also a downright chore. So, an expert was called upon to help devise a solution. It needed to make effective use of time and available space. 

Using high-density movable racks & custom storage hooks to ensure full space optimization

indoor police bike property vertical bicycle storage high density movable racksDesigning the exact indoor police bike property vertical bicycle storage desired was easy. Support from the local storage consultant made it so. It came complete with high-density moving racks. Their space-saving concept is simple to understand. Units travel on rails, eliminating excess aisles to save floor space. A powered push button or turn handle controls system movement. Custom hooks help hang the bikes vertically to ensure full space optimization from that angle. The property is organized, simplifying retrieval time. 

The new unit offered easy access and a color-coded system, making tracking easier. That way the department could pinpoint how long a bike was in its possession. The high-density movable racks unit stored the most recent bikes up to three months. Officers then moved the property to another part of the facility for up to half a year. The storage also had space to store two handfuls of patrol bikes. Click here to see more bike storage options.

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