automated vertical lifts will optimize warehouse floor space

Optimize Warehouse Floor Space to Make Room for Value Added Activities

Manufacturing and distribution warehouse space is expensive, especially when the space includes heating and air conditioning. Maximizing the cubic space in your facility will reduce costs and add more space for production lines and employee workstations to generate additional revenue. Automated Vertical Carousels & Lifts help to optimize warehouse floor space and manufacturing floor space by maximizing the cubic storage space in your facility. When Automated Vertical Carousels & Lifts are compared to traditional static shelving and racks, they can save up to 85% of floor space. This is accomplished by eliminating aisle space and using the complete storage cube from floor to ceiling. (watch Automated Vertical Carousels & Lifts video) Click here to learn more about automated storage systems.

floor space used when automated vertical carousels are compared to shelving

Automated Vertical Carousels & Lifts Can Be Easily Cost Justified

One way Automated Vertical Carousels & Lifts optimize the storage cube is by eliminating the “reach-in” space required to pick parts from shelving bins. Automated Vertical Carousels & Lifts maximize every square inch of the machine’s interior, store bins and storage trays with as little as 1/2″ clearance between each other from floor to ceiling within the machine. Requested storage trays are pulled from their stored position by an extractor/transporter and delivered to an ergonomic work counter for picking or parts storage.

Automated Vertical Carousels & Lifts Benefits

save warehouse storage space with vertical lifts

  • Save up to 85% of floor space used by traditional shelving with automated vertical storage machines
  • Maximize your storage cube with floor to ceiling storage space utilization
  • Turn all those wasted shelving aisles into productive space for production lines, workstations, or additional storage space
  • Interface inventory management software to manage stock-outs and increase picking productivity

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