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Hospital Pharmacy Pre-Manufactured Casework

hospital pharmacy pre-manufactured caseworkA hospital pharmacy recently installed pre-manufactured casework with retail, mail order, and out-patient capabilities to meet all of their needs with just one storage solution. The planning, construction, and installation of this project had to be done in lightning-fast time—6-8 weeks. Luckily, this wasn't a problem; after the hospital pharmacy's workflow was observed, a new space was quickly made for staff and technicians that pleases everyone who uses it. Click here to learn more about modular casework.

Standard pieces from modular casework were pulled to create a precise solution that meets the functional requirements of the hospital pharmacy while remaining within their budget. Even with the tight deadline, the project was completed on time and surpassed the hospital's expectations. The new casework not only meets the pharmacy's immediate needs, but can also easily adjusted for future growth. 

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The pre-manufactured casework included standard components developed specifically for pharmacies, such as pull-out shelves for printers and shallow drawers with flexible dividers for storing pill bottles and lids. The packaging and mail order area utilized aluminum-framed consoles. Raceways that run along work islands hides wires and provides wire management. The finishes, hardware, and surfaces all match, making the solution both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The hospital pharmacy now even wants a second pharmacy that looks like this one.retail mail order out patient pre-manufactured casework

Pre-Manufactured Casework with BIM Revit

BIM Revit software makes the planning, design, drafting, and pricing process easy, fast, and simple. Just load up one of the templates, and you can modify the casework to your exact specifications. As you make modifications and adjustments, the pricing automatically updates so you can be sure you're staying within your budget. Once the design is complete, your casework is pre-manufactured and sent to you where it can then be easily and quickly installed. If you ever need to relocate, expand, or modify the casework, this can be done easily since it's constructed with modular components.revit bim models

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