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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Compact shelf & art rack systems preserve holocaust evidence in less space

holocaust museum cold storageExperts fit collections care areas with compact shelf and art rack systems in this case study to provide Holocaust museum cold storage which protects evidence from that time. Each has handles that users must turn or pull to access organized items stacked on or hanging from the solutions. Staff either open closed shelf aisles or bring the racks out onto the floor when performing the operations to ensure safer handling.

When closed or not in use, units occupy little space to ensure footprint efficiency. Repositories, like the one profiled here, then have the capacity to accommodate growth while preserving history. Continue reading to learn more about the systems' installation and use.

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Intended as an exhibition space, the museum has evolved into a place that stores Holocaust evidence. It inspires people all over the world to confront hatred, prevent genocide and promote human dignity. With the public sending photos and more to the facility, it soon needed more space to safeguard items. 

compact art rack collections careThe off-site center features many safe preservation environments with the capacity to prevent collection deterioration. This includes cold storage vaults with a compact shelf unit that slides on floor rails to optimize space. It allows staff to access, organize, and protect motion picture film and more in less space while improving energy efficiency.

Holocaust museum cold storage & art racks

Users can retrieve materials without injury when accessing open temperature-controlled Holocaust museum cold storage vault aisles. Staff can stack items on the compact shelf units to create instant organization during consolidation. Stored collections have labels facing front to help prevent picking errors during retrieval. Perforated art racks in other collection care areas provide airflow to keep organized paintings hanging there dust free while maximizing vertical space.

Watch a video about how compact storage shelving racks save space to ensure efficient use.

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