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Last updated: July 03, 2019

High Speed Pick-by-Light Vertical Carousels

high speed pick by light warehouse cosmetics storage carouselA cosmetics distribution center had over 600 articles in their small warehouse with an average of 17 order picking lines to fill stock and supply customers. To keep up with the increasing number of orders, a vertical manufacturing carousel with high-speed pick-by-light technology was installed to reduce delivery time and increase picking speed and accuracy of cosmetics and other products. The solution also ended up creating a better workflow for the warehouse with a more ergonomic workspace and rotation in the staff's work tasks. Read on to learn how the manufacturing carousels were able to increase productivity and workflow. Click here to watch a video showing how the manufacturing carousels work.

Vertical Manufacturing Carousels Benefits

The manufacturing carousel combined with the high speed pick-by-light software provided a fast and efficient storage and retrieval solution. Instead of walking and searching for orders, staff members simply push a button on the carousel which rotates via the shortest path to the access opening. The pick-by-light software also increases picking speed and reduces errors while staff can pick and replenish stock at the same time. With automation, the warehouse has been able to pick 3,000 order lines in one day shift, an amount that equals a 300% increase in picking speed.

The distributer's benefits at a glance include:warehouse cosmetics vertical manufacturing carousel

  • 1 year ROI (return on investment)
  • 200-300% faster picking times (up to 3,000 lines per day)
  • Reduced picking errors from 1.5% to 0.87%
  • Reduced space required for order picking (from 1,291ft² to 64ft² and removal of 3 picking areas)
  • Picking and inbound replenishment completed in one process
  • Increased ergonomics
  • Fewer shifts required per day

Click here to see more about manufacturing carousels and pick-by-light warehouse automation.

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