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Last updated: April 25, 2019

high security supply vending machines

Automated bolt & nut bin dispensing cabinets

High-security supply vending machines or automated bolt and nut bin dispensing cabinets can manage small parts inventory with speed and accuracy. Due to innovative weight-based technology, it allows safer material handling than common alternatives. This includes drawer-based systems that require users to tell them the number of items being taken from storage. It often leads to inaccurate bin counts which can cause overages or stock outs. Systems have the intelligence to do the counting without help from anyone, allowing staff to focus on other productive activities.

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To operate the smart storage solutions, users must do three simple things. These include:

  1. Selecting the desired item from the unit and removing the parts cup.
  2. Taking whatever amount needed from the parts cup.
  3. Weighing anything still stored in the parts cup. While placed on the scale, confirm the amount taken. Then return the parts cup to storage in order to finish the

The durable configurations can even detect if someone tries to store items that do not belong, helping eliminate contamination. To ensure foreign objects have not tainted the containers, it verifies that the new weight is divisible by the per piece weight. If not, the automatic storage solution can advise management about the situation. Since personnel has access to one compartment at a time, the storage prevents secured items from being damaged.

High-security supply vending machines

automated bolt nut bin dispensing cabinetsThese high-security supply vending machines can record every transaction, allowing users to track flawed lots and reach out to customers with faster efficiency. Use it to review when personnel stocked items and more, including:

  • When did items get issued?
  • Who did hardware get issued to?
  • What jobs did materials get issued for?

Able to find out all this out using the same intelligent solution, staff can rely on it to make inventory management simpler and less time-consuming.

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