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Last updated: March 08, 2018

Clear containers tilt ensuring access to storage from deep shelves & racks

high density parts shelf binsEconomical high density parts shelf bins made from durable polypropylene construction set the industry standard for quality and can resist most chemicals. Their design includes a molded-in label holder that eases bin identification and a built-in rear hanglock. It allows the clear containers to tilt out and provide complete access to storage when installed on deep shelves, racks or standard shelving.

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High density parts shelf bins promote visibility easing item recognition

The high density parts shelf bins have a translucent design that provides visibility, so users recognize items with ease and can refill units that have low stock with greater efficiency. Users can even add dividers that separate space to optimize use and promote material organization. Their use would allow users to create a secure barrier that prevents items from mixing, easing inventory management.

High density parts shelf bins save space to accommodate more productive activities

clear containers tilt storage deep shelves racksUnits include a wide hopper front that allows total access to contents stored in the high density parts shelf bins. Their edges are reinforced for added strength and each can sit on 12", 18 and 24" deep shelves, racks or regular shelving to save floor space. This arrangement ensures users have the capacity to accommodate more productive activities.

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