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Last updated: April 06, 2016

How high density mobile systems work

high density mobile systemsMaking the most of available space was top priority for a jail whose operation was complicated by overcrowding. To alleviate the problem, high density mobile systems were installed because they effectively save and maximize space for increased storage capacity. The systems were chosen at a time when the jail was preparing for an expansion, which would encompass an eight-story, 400,000 square-foot facility. It would include room for jail administration, intake areas, kitchen, laundry and law enforcement. There would also be enough space capacity to accommodate 1,032 beds for inmate sleeping quarters. In addition, space would be made to accommodate evidence, inmate issue and medical records departments. All of this was made possible because of how the high density mobile systems work. With the turn of a handle, carriages mounted to floor tracks or rails effectively create storage space or free up space for more productive uses by compressing into a smaller footprint. Read and watch videos about how high density mobile systems save and maximize space

High density mobile systems provide more flexibility

save and maximize space for increased storage capacityThe high density mobile systems provided flexibility to those involved in the project, allowing for space limitations to be addressed before construction got underway. It also allowed for the expanded facility to be designed specifically to save and maximize space for increased storage capacity. The storage space was double that of conventional shelving. The number of totes stored in the inmate property department totaled 1,632. There was also plenty of room to add storage systems, shelving and lockers for improved efficiency when organizing medications, supplies and evidence.

High density mobile systems for improved efficiency

Because the high density systems save and maximize space for increased storage capacity, there was now enough room to accommodate storage for things like evidence and paper. The possibility of overcrowding was also eliminated. It also meant that items linked to a larger prison population could be stored more efficiently. Watch video on police station evidence storage using high density mobile systems

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