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Last updated: April 07, 2016

How high density mobile systems work

high density mobile systems 1Because high density mobile systems require half as much room as traditional storage systems in order to function, they effectively improve storage space by adding efficiency and access for media outlets seeking a better way to store news resources and reference information. In fact, they were used for just that exact purpose when a newsroom was remodeled. While conventional storage solutions must accommodate space for aisles, these innovative systems allow for that same space to be used in more productive ways. This is because they roll together into a smaller footprint with assistance from a push button or turn handle. In this case, powered systems made it easier to establish a centralized location for materials and information needed to complete a story. How making the most out of high density mobile systems helps improve storage space by adding efficiency and access to what you need.

High density mobile systems designed for safe operation

Since the library was, at times, open to non-staff members, the newspaper needed a solution that was not only user-friendly, but safe to operate. The high density mobile systems are both of these things. To address safety issues, they were fitted with a completely passive safety feature. It is able to sense when something or someone is present in an open aisle by projecting infrared photoelectric beams across the entire length of the system's carriages. If an obstruction exists, the safety system locks automatically and prevents the carriages from moving until whatever is blocking the aisle has been removed. The addition of a locking feature allowed for rare photos and clippings to be protected while in storage.

High density mobile systems provide more flexibility

improve storage space by adding efficiency and accessThe decision to use high density mobile systems was bolstered by the fact that they provide more flexibility than traditional storage cabinets. This is because they can be rearranged to accommodate needs as they change. A total of 17 different shelving configurations were used to improve storage space by adding efficiency and access to every type of media the newspaper had. This included everything from books and periodicals to maps, photographic prints and clips. The space used for storage was also reduced from what it originally was to just a quarter. This meant space was now available for more productive uses. The accuracy of more than 350 journalists was also much improved. Watch videos and read more about high density mobile systems

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