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High density mobile systems & evidence lockers add efficiency

high density mobile systemsA state law enforcement agency in charge of managing property and processing evidence for 3,000 state troopers was seeking to uphold chain of custody procedures and make efficient use of the space they worked out of. Constructing an expansion was simply not an option. A suitable alternative needed to be found fast, however, especially because a new technology center had just been added. A combination of storage methods - including high density mobile systems and evidence lockers - were chosen for installation. Because both systems can be configured to meet departmental needs, they provided the flexibility necessary to optimize crime lab storage space for added efficiency, while also saving space for increased storage capacity. In addition to non-pass-through evidence lockers that optimize crime lab storage space, we also offer pass-thru evidence lockers. Learn more about them, here. 

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Evidence lockers provide extra security & utilize space better

Since storage space was at a premium, custom-designed non-pass-through evidence lockers were installed under the workstations of lab technicians. This allowed for a better utilization of available space, creating storage for securing evidence. It ensured the integrity of evidence stored there remained intact and well preserved while in custody. In addition, the integrity of evidence was further protected because the evidence lockers allowed for controlled access to be established when testing was to be performed. This is because the systems shut automatically. And, once locked, the evidence lockers could only be opened by the technician running the tests.

How high density mobile systems work to conserve space

and non pass through evidence lockers optimize crime lab storage spaceHigh density mobile systems work to conserve space by rolling along the floor and compacting into a smaller footprint with the help of a push button or handle that turns. They provided the space needed for storing everything from weapons and ammunition to controlled dangerous substances and case files. And, because these high density mobile systems and evidence lockers optimize crime lab storage space so well, access to property and evidence placed in short-term and long-term storage was much improved. It also allowed for the handling, processing, storing and retrieval of items to be managed better from start to finish. High density mobile systems allow you to make the most of your storage space.

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