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High density mobile systems & tower filing cabinets maximize storage capacity

high density mobile systemsHigh density mobile systems and tower filing cabinets improved workspace storage for the largest privately owned independent tire dealer network, recently. Business was so good that the entire operation was relocated into a facility with 150,000 square feet of space. In an effort to manage the volume of files and paperwork that had accumulated as a result of rapid growth, the company decided to use the combination of systems. And, although they function differently, it is for this reason that they were chosen for installation in this case. Both are designed to maximize storage capacity in less space than options of similar construction. This feature allowed employees from multiple departments - including accounting, accounts payable, human resources, legals and the wheels department for storing literature - to perform their jobs more efficiently for increased productivity all around. High density mobile systems optimize floor space for improved workspace storagetower filing cabinets

Tower filing cabinets improve access to information

With the installation of the tower filing cabinets, ample filing space was now available to better accommodate needs tied in with customer's task filing storage. And, it was done without the hassle of having to add on to the existing footprint. This is because the cabinets featured three high-capacity file drawers with filing space measuring 44 inches a piece. It created almost twice as much storing capacity as before. A top shelf for holding binders two rows deep and a pencil drawer with a hidden back compartment for personal items were also included. It meant the tower filing cabinets worked well to consolidate information into a single, centralized location. In addition, access to task-file documents and imaging paperwork such as retail receipts and invoices was improved for faster retrieval when needed.

How high density mobile systems work to save space

improved workspace storageHigh density mobile systems helped the company save sufficient space in areas where more frequently-used files and records were kept. This was made possible because of how the systems work. They feature carriages that move with the assistance of a three-spoke handle that turns or an electronically-controlled button located on the outer panel. And, as the high density mobile system compact, they effectively eliminate the need for excess aisles and turn previously wasted or idle floor space into improved workspace storage. We offer a variety of solutions to meet your business and filing storage needs, not just high density mobile systems and tower filing cabinets

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