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High density mobile powered system features ensure safety & more

high density mobile powered systemAchieve all of your business needs by investing a high density mobile powered system. It is push button operated track rolling storage of the highest quality. Designed with superior flexibility, the system provides you with the tools you need to make your mark on the world. It comes with a wide range of standard features to ensure the highest level of safety and security, without sacrificing usability, productivity or reliability. These include:

  • Core logic accommodating up to three safeties per side
  • Light-immune photo sweep
  • Programmable carriage follow distance

Programmable speed and an easy-to-use intuitive touchscreen control help establish usability and productivity, while dependable connections, fail-safe technologies, non-contact distance sensors and static discharge protection ensure its level of reliability remains steadfastly firm.

A range of options are also available to provide you with even more stability in these areas, as well as convenience. These include:

Safety and Security

  • Aisle-entry safety sensor
  • Automatic brake
  • Building interface module (fire/sprinkler/security)
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Mechanical safety sweep
  • Zero force sensor automatic passive safety system

Usability and Productivity

  • Auto reset
  • Carriage lengths up to 81 feet (24.6 meters)
  • Programmable aisle and auto moves
  • Split carriages capability to maximize storage


  • Infrared-capable control with remote user key
  • “Plug-in-the-wall” power
  • Works-in-a-drawer


  • Automatic battery back-up
  • Optional drive and guidance systems
  • Rechargeable power override unit

Learn all about the high density mobile powered system, plus additional modes of operation. (Watch video)

How push button track rolling storage works to save space

How exactly this high density mobile powered system is able to accomplish all of this and more is easily explained, if you know how it works. Its carriages slide back and forth on floor tracks, opening wide enough for the system user to have optimal access to what they need. The carriages of the push button track rolling storage also close by pressing together into a smaller footprint, allowing you to store the same amount of stuff in half the space of traditional storage systems.

Access-controlled high density mobile powered system

push button operated track rolling storageAccessibility to whatever is stored in this high density mobile powered system can also be regulated for enhanced security, depending on the control setting you choose. The standard option allows for access to secure aisles to be granted with assistance from a pin-controlled system. Key-switch controls provide regulated access to restricted aisles. There is also a touchscreen control option for an additional cost, which requires card access authorization. Optional locks are also available to enhance the security of carriages on an individual basis. Push button operated track rolling storage can be used for more than just to meet business needs. (Watch video)

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