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High density industrial mobile rack expands storage 

mechanical assist systemsA museum that serves as the repository for all things relating to diving and salvage artifacts, submarine technology, underwater weapons, and as UUV and submersible technology was at loss for space. This is because the static industrial storage shelving already in place had worn and rusted over. It also reached its maximum holding capacity and was not sophisticated enough to preserve and protect the collection of artifacts the way they needed to be. There was a lot to consider, however, before a new storage solution could be implemented. The right system or systems had to address environmental concerns as well as safeguard against natural disasters such as fire and seismics. It also had to feature enough storing capacity to support the museum's collection of torpedoes, which included some weighing close to 6,000 lbs. After much thought, it was decided that a total of three different storage systems were needed. They included a high density industrial mobile rack as well as mechanical assist systems and art storage. With the assistance of the high density industrial mobile rack in particular, the museum was able to increase the number of torpedoes stored from 66 to 110. Click here to find out how mechanical assist systems optimize floor space.high density industrial mobile racks

Space-saving high density industrial mobile rack

The use of the high density industrial mobile rack was a great space-saving alternative to the museum's previous shelving because it allowed for easier access to the 22-foot torpedoes on display. This was achieved because of the system's compactability. As it condensed, it transformed idle space into an accessible aisle wide enough for a forklift to get through. Its flexibility meant it could be adapted to accommodate flat shelving as well. This would come in handy if items of a bigger shape or size needed somewhere to go. See a high density industrial mobile rack in action.

Mechanical assist systems and art storage 

mechanical assist art storage shelving

Objects such as films, books, rare diving equipment, and 2D hanging art were housed in a number of mechanical assist system and art storage. Each operates a little differently, but both work to conserve space as well as safeguard items stored there from the environment. By traveling along floor-level rails, these mechanical assist systems and art storage move in a free-flowing, smooth motion for easy access to inventory. In addition, the systems are built with enough storage capacity to display artifacts and framed or printed art of every shape and size, without compromising their authenticity or value. Maximize art storage using less space. 

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