maximum storage density in minimal floor space

automatic vertical carousel for storing electronics, spare parts, tools, inventory

High density automated vertical carousels for storing electronics, spare parts, tools, and other items and inventory are compact solutions for saving floor space and increasing productivity in your warehouse or business. The shelves or drawers rotate up or down via the shortest path with simple push-button operation that brings the items directly to the operator at an ergonomically positioned counter. The high density vertical carousels are cost-effective and reliable solutions for increasing productivity, saving floor space, and improving pick accuracy and ergonomics while keeping your inventory completely safe and secure. Click here to learn more about vertical carousels

cost-effective high density modular innovations

Motorized High Density Automated Vertical Carousel Innovative high density automated vertical carousels make storing electronics, spare parts, and tools easy and efficient. Operators are able to drive the carriers around the track with the push of a button and view the inventory in each carrier at any time. Inventory control management and pick-to-light software can be integrated to optimize picking and increase density, productivity, accuracy, and security. The carousels are also modular in structure, so they can easily be added to or subtracted from to meet future requirements. Transport rollers allow the carousels to be relocated within your facility quickly and easily. In addition, the automated vertical carousel’s structure leads to reduced costs associated with installation and maintenance.

high density automated vertical carousels store electronics spare parts and tools

additional benefits of high density automated vertical carousels

Other advantages of storing electronics, spare parts, tools, and other items in the high density automated vertical carousels include:

  • Up to 60% more storage capacity positioned at the point of use for rapid access
  • Suitable for all customary storage containers and storage bins
  • High picking productivity and running speed with optimized utilization and reduction of storage space
  • Reduced picking errors & shorter picking times
  • Multiple options for flexibility and customization
  • Quality and efficiency guarantees reduced life-cycle costs
  • Access control and optimized protection for personnel and stored items
  • Optimized user-friendliness for ease of use and minimal training required
  • Low-wear operation with automatic chain tensioner and endurance-tested materials
  • Long service life
  • Retrofit & conversion packs to change application
  • Multipurpose carriers that can be configured for almost any purpose

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