Movable High Capacity Shelving

High Capacity Shelving Organizes the Office for Increased Productivity

High Capacity Shelving creates an efficient file storage system that will organize your office for increased productivity. In addition, High Capacity Shelving maximizes floor space, expands your storage capacity, consolidates your filing area, and stores anything. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

High Capacity Shelving Maximizes Floor Space and Expands File Storage Capacity

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To start organizing your office for productivity, you need something to store your files. And not just anything, you need equipment that doesn’t take up a lot space and is easy for all employees to access. High Capacity Shelving fits that bill. High Capacity Shelving allows you to maximize floor space because the system removes unnecessary access aisles. The system rolls together on floor tracks to compact the shelving. When you need access to the files in the system, just push a button and an aisle will be created for you. High Capacity Shelving will save over 50% of your floor space, which means in the same area you can double your storage capacity.

High Capacity Shelving Consolidates Files and Stores Anything

mechanical assist high capacity shelving

The space savings and expanded storage capacity that the High Capacity Shelving provides will allow you to consolidate all of your files into one central storage area. High Capacity Shelving easily stores all of the color coded files you have with the added benefit of being able to see all of the files without having to open drawers.

Furthermore, you can store more than just files in High Capacity Shelving. You can store active files in the middle of the shelving for quick ergonomic access, store archival record boxes at the bottom of the shelving, and store other office supplies at the top of the shelving. Now, employees are no longer wasting their time searching for files and supplies because everything is located in one area.

Designing and Installing a High Capacity Shelving System

Creating a new filing system and implementing new equipment into your office can be a challenge, which is something you probably don’t want to deal with. Don’t worry the storage and filing professionals at Southwest Solutions Group® are here to help. We are experts in designing and installing High Capacity Shelving since 1969. Just give us a call today at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message to get in touch with your local representative.


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