Transform Your Space with High Capacity Shelves

Has your storage area become overcrowded and unmanageable because you don’t have any more floor space? Are you wasting time trying to find parts and supplies because they are not where they are supposed to be? These concerns will be a thing of the past with High Capacity Shelves. High Capacity Shelves will clear up your storage area so that you have more floor space and better organization. Click here to learn more about high density mobile shelving.

What are High Capacity Shelves?

High Capacity Shelves is shelving that is put on rails and rolls together to compact access aisles so that there are only one or two moveable access aisles. High Capacity Shelves will decrease the area you use for storage 50% or more. You can use the extra room to add more offices, a new production line, or even use it for more storage. (click here to watch High Capacity Shelves video)

Office High Capacity Shelves

What Can I Keep in High Capacity Shelves?

High Capacity Shelves work for both office and industrial applications. Here are some suggestions for what you can store in High Capacity Shelves:

  • Archival record boxes
  • Your existing file cabinets
  • Sports and athletic equipment
  • Spare parts and tools
  • Healthcare narcotics and patient charts
  • Museum artwork and artifacts
  • Material handling supplies
  • Military mobility bags and armory weapons
  • Police evidence, weapons, and uniforms
  • Library books and archival boxes
  • Industrial pallets
  • Legal expanding gusset folders

How Do You Create the Access Aisles in High Capacity Shelves?

High Capacity Shelves Police Department

There are two ways to create access aisles in High Capacity Shelves: hand crank and push button. The hand crank is a three spoke handle that you turn to open the access aisle within the shelves. The handle is easy to use and comes in several different turning effort ratios to make sure it’s comfortable for everyone in your organization to operate.

The push button operation is the easiest way to create the aisle because all you have to do is push a button to open an aisle. It requires no force or action from the person trying to open the system. The push button High Capacity Shelves come with many standard and optional safety features.

Designing and Planning High Capacity Shelves

If you are ready to save floor space and get organized with High Capacity Shelves, then call us at 1-800-803-1083 or click here to contact us.


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