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High Capacity Racks for Accessible and Organized Warehouse Storage

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Storing tools, inventory, and parts can be challenging because they aren’t always the same size, and they don’t all fit in a neat little box. You need a heavy duty storage system that can store a wide range of items in your warehouse. You also need a storage system that maximizes storage capacity while preserving valuable floor space. High Capacity Racks meet all of these requirements while keeping your warehouse storage area accessible and organized.

High Capacity Racks Compact to Save Floor Space

Within a traditional stationary pallet rack storage system, access aisles take up 60% of the floor space. High Capacity Racks convert these static access aisles into productive storage space. How this works is stationary pallet racks are mounted onto wheeled carriages that compact together on floor tracks and create a movable access aisle(s) that is based on your activity level. With the High Capacity Racks you can double your warehouse storage capacity or use the extra floor space for a staging area or production line.

High Capacity Racks Provide a Fast Return on Investment

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In addition to paying the mortgage or rent for your warehouse, you also have to pay for lighting, cooling, and heating. And if you need to expand or rent additional storage space, you will spend even more money. These overhead costs are all related to space, which can really eat into your profitability. High Capacity Racks use significantly less space, which will help you reduce these overhead costs and will provide you with a fast return on investment.

Designing and Installing High Capacity Racks

Designing the right High Capacity Racks for your warehouse storage facility is a key part of our services. Contact us today by phone at 1-800-803-1083 or send us an email and let one of our experienced representatives provide you with a free space analysis and proposal to see if High Capacity Racks make sense for your business.

High Capacity Racks Brochures

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