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How high capacity mobilized storage system works

high capacity mobilized systemA transportation department serving a state in the mid-western region of the continental United States was in the market for a cost-effective solution that would allow for additional offices, as well as maintenance of general records and construction documents storage. After working with a space-saving expert, who conducted a thorough assessment of the situation, it was determined that a high capacity mobilized storage system would work best to solve the problem because it creates space for improved productivity. This was made possible because of how the system is designed to work. Carriages capability of holding up to 7,000 pounds in capacity compact with the turn of handle. As this happens, idle aisle space is changed into functional storage for double the storing capacity and improved access to inventory. See more box storage high capacity solutions in action.

Cost effective high Capacity mobilized storage system

Because the system doesn't require a level surface in order to move, it provided the company with the flexibility to give the space a much needed face lift in a fraction of the cost usually spent on renovation projects, without altering or sacrificing the desired outcome they set out to achieve. Accommodations for a ramp or raised floor ordinarily needed for installation were not necessary in this case because the high capacity mobilized storage system featured a top-mount rail, that anchored directly into unfinished concrete for hassle-free installation. In addition, because the system is designed adapt well with existing shelving, it allowed for the company to to save money in respect to its design. This is because standard four-post shelving with steel end panels could be easily integrated at no additional cost. Buy high capacity mobilized box storage shelving online.

High capacity mobilized system creates space for improved productivity

creates space for improved productivityThe high capacity mobilized storage system was of great benefit to the company. It made better use of the space available for information kept in banker boxes, rolled maps and boxes with regular file folders by condensing the area into a smaller footprint. This creates space for improved productivity because the task was accomplished without having to commandeer space allocated for the additional offices. It just made room for more to be achieved in less time. Watch a video on the different operating controls on the high capacity mobilized storage system.

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