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High capacity mobile system stores stuff in less space

high capacity mobile systemA repository that helps to minimize the cost of managing information resources was finding it difficult to meet the demands of its job. Despite annual purging attempts to remove obsolete records, the warehouse used for storing inactive and semi-active records, retained by agencies for administrative, fiscal or legal purposes, remained at capacity. This didn't stop additional records from being transferred there, however; it just left the space ill-equipped to accommodate the overflow of information that needed a home. And, since the warehouse housed an average of 30,000 cubic feet of records annually, it needed to requisition an annex in order to handle the growth - 6,000 cubic feet per year- experienced from incoming records. Unlike the warehouse, however, this facility would run with the help of a high capacity mobile system. It works to maximize storage space for records and is better than any other of its kind. This is because it compacts with just the touch of a button, storing everything in less space. See more on repository high bay mobile storage systems for records.

High capacity mobile system provides more flexibility

A high capacity mobile system, with 38-foot carriages for maximum capacity, provided the stock clerks with the flexibility to take full advantage of the facility's vertical space. It made moving large quantities of records easier. In addition, because it works to maximize storage space for records so efficiently, the extended shelving height of the high capacity mobile system could easily accommodate more boxes than the original warehouse shelving. And, since the system featured wider carriages. the number of aisles needed was far less. This lead to improved retrieval speed and access to the records.

High capacity mobile system is safe

works to maximize storage space for recordsBuilt with safety in mind, the high capacity mobile system featured a safety sweep system. It functions with assistance from an infrared and visible red light beam that runs along the base of the carriage. It is triggered if a person's foot or other object is occupying the aisle. When activated, it prohibits the system from moving until the aisle is clear and unobstructed. (See more box storage racks and shelving systems)

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