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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Bulk microfilm roll archive file storage organizers allow optimum space use

high capacity drawer partition cabinetsMuseum and library 4" high-capacity drawer partition cabinets provide bulk microfilm roll archive file storage organizers. It provides community cultural centers and foundations with an efficient way to preserve older media materials. Unable to take the dedicate collections offsite, the public avoids misplacing items during access.

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Systems include welded dividers that separate the available space in seven convenient compartments to allow users maximum use. Rows span front to back length-wise to ensure optimal small space efficiency. Slides stored in the same compartment have no space between one another, keeping it all clean, tidy, and damage free.

Integrated components provide solid lines of separation to prevent users from damaging materials during storage. It promotes safer handling while allowing personnel to avoid picking errors during retrieval. Facilities then spend less on restoration costs and can use the budget to meet other departmental needs.

High-capacity drawer partition cabinets keep media collections safe & accessible

bulk microfilm roll archive file storageThe high-capacity drawer partition cabinets have a stable, no off-gassing powder coat paint finish that meets national archives media collection protection standards. Pick from units large enough to consolidate 16mm or 35mm microfilm rolls in one convenient place. Facilities can then use fewer solutions to meet collection needs and spend less on equipment. 

Configurations have safety interlocks that prevent more than one drawer from opening at a time, ensuring stored materials maintain integrity. Optional turn-key locks are available to provide security and access control. Heavy-duty, ball bearing slides and full-width pull handles included to ensure users have convenient, smooth, and complete item access. Stand models against sturdy walls to optimize underused areas and avoid wasting premium space.

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