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High Density Rails Without Floor Penetration

heavy duty high density sliding railsMost high density mobile storage solutions require penetrating a building's concrete floor to install the rail system. However, one library presented a unique challenge: they needed heavy-duty high density sliding rails without penetrating the floor. With the help of planners and engineers, a new rail system was designed that would allow the high density system to meet their weight requirements and floor rail limits at the same time. Click here to learn more about how high density shelving works.

The Customized Solution

Generally, when a high density shelving system is installed, the rails are laid when the floor is poured to result in high density sliding rails that are mounted flush to the floor's surface. When installed on existing structures, concrete strips can be cut away to allow a flush-mounted installation, or the rail can be bolted to the floor to result in a raised rail. A raised rail, however, could leave you at risk for tripping hazards and injuries.

high density rails without penetrating the floorNeither of these rail configurations would work for the library, who still needed the space-saving benefits of a high density storage system. They couldn't have any tripping hazards, and the building's floor couldn't be penetrated due to tensioning and electrical cables in the floor. A light-duty rail is available for situations that require minimal installation impact on floors—however, this wasn't an option for the library due to its weight and size limitations. They needed the heavy-duty high density option to efficiently make use of their storage.

Thus, a new rail system was designed to allow installation without penetrating the floor. This allowed the library to have a fully-functioning heavy-duty high density system without compromising their building's structural integrity. Now, they enjoy the space savings and efficiency gains offered by the high density shelves. Click here to watch a case study about how another library installed a similar solution.

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