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Last updated: February 20, 2018

Stacking reusable tote maximizes order picking storage & saves space

heavy duty containers lids attach stackHeavy-duty distribution containers have recessed lids which attach with steel hinges that interlock to ensure stacking strength and security. A padlock eye provides a security option that allows the bin tops to fasten and lock, keeping contents safe. Users can stack the reusable tote solution to maximize order picking storage and space savings. Units can even nest when empty to free up the floor and create more room to accommodate other productive activities. 

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Heavy-duty container lids ensure stacking durability & protection

The heavy-duty distribution containers include lids which attach with steel hinges that interlock to provide stacking durability and protection. Users can add an optional 3" x 5" adhesive clear label holder which promotes visibility while helping to strengthen material organization. It allows secure attachment to the bins to ease part identification, improving inventory management.

reusable tote order picking storage nestUnits have recessed tops that ensure maximum load stability while a textured, non-slip bottom guarantees smooth conveying. Each includes handles with an ergonomic design that allows users to lift the systems with ease. Each features high-density, FDA approved polyethylene construction that lasts in harsh environments, including off-premises supply centers, warehouses, and food processing facilities.

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