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Last updated: March 12, 2019

Police & military pistol lockers with digital lockers protect firearms

handgun wall storage cabinetsHandgun wall storage cabinets or police and military pistol lockers with digital locks keep firearms safe while hanging high off the floor to save space. The sample unit can keep up to six smaller weapons secure and organized. Secured arms have specialized holders around the barrel, helping keep everything in place during storage. The undamaged and dust-free firearms occupy little space, allowing efficient and organized consolidation. Public safety departments, armed force branches and more can store all in the same discreet footprint to maximize use.

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Space-saving handgun wall storage cabinets

The space-saving handgun wall storage cabinets can keep AR-15s, ammo and more organized and safe in one convenient place. Systems have doors that users can adapt from left to right hinged in the field to ensure ergonomic use. Units can have key locks too if users want alternative security against weapons theft and tampering. Other features that enhance value without adding to the cost include:

Construction: Durable 20-gauge steel frame designed to be recessed in the wall.

Sizes: Available in 16" and 24" widths; 18", 36", and 54" heights; and a 4" depth to accommodate user needs.

Finish: Powder coat finish available in many colors that provide a clean and attractive look.

Assembly: Systems ship assembled to allow easier installation and faster use.

Warranty: Three-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Made in the USA

Electronic Lock Features

police military pistol lockers digital locksUsers can set locks to "station" or "locker" mode at any time.

  • Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries which can operate up to four or more years. LED on the lock will flash to indicate a low battery level.
  • Locks include five-digit master code for management security.

Station Mode:

  • Users can lock and unlock any available locker door with a user-selected four-digit code.
  • To reopen the locker, users must enter the four-digit code to unlock the door.
  • Once users reopen a locker, the PIN code gets erased, and the locker can then accommodate the next user.

Locker Mode:

  • Users must enter a pre-programmed four-digit code to unlock and use the locker in a repetitive capacity.
  • The lock does not require a code to relock the door.

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