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Last updated: June 10, 2020

Aircraft Operations Parts Storage

goods to person dual tray vlm shuttle

With its goods-to-person and dual tray delivery, VLM shuttles and vertical lift systems were able to reduce floorspace, improve efficiency, and increase productivity for an aircraft operation parts and equipment storage application. The company supplies integrated maintenance services, logistics programs, and parts availability programs to aircraft owners and operators and, with growing demand, needed a storage system that would adapt to their needs. Read below to learn more, and click here to watch a video showing how the vertical lift systems work.

Increased Efficiency with VLM Shuttles

Before the installation of the dual tray VLM shuttles, inventory was stored on static shelving that was spread over the ground and upper floors. Order picking was a manual and time-consuming process where employees would often have to walk over 190 ft to retrieve each item. With the number of items increasing significantly, storage capacity and order picking efficiency would need to be improved to increase performance while reducing operating costs.

vlm shuttle aircraft operation vertical lift system

Three goods-to-person dual tray VLM shuttles were installed to stock 7,000 part numbers, which can be increased to up to 14,000 part numbers. The VLMs also integrate with the pre-existing ERP software and order files. With its warehouse management software, the vertical lift systems import these order files and provide storage locations automatically within the units. After storage and retrieval, the VLM's picking software automatically reports to the existing ERP.

The dual trays in the VLMs allow high-speed picking, with the trays arriving in sequence in the access opening for parallel picking. With the order picking software, parts can also be stored based upon weight instead of count, which leads to a much faster and more accurate process.


  • Four times faster picking frequency
  • Increased storage capacity (14,000 part numbers stored in 376 ft² of floor space)
  • Saved 21,527 ft² of floor space
  • Less travel time during picking and retrieval
  • Error-free order processing
  • Two-year ROI

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