Golf Bag Storage Needs Met for the Next 30 Years with High Density Shelves

To meet growing customer demands, a local country club expanded its 80 year old facility, constructing a new golf shop, locker rooms and a golf bag storage room. To make the best use of the golf bag storage space, high density shelves were used. The high density shelves allowed the country club to meet their golf bag storage needs now and for years to come.

golf bag storage is improved with high density shelves

Changing with the Times

When the country club was originally built, golf bag storage was not commonly offered to members. As a result, their wasn’t space designed to accommodate golf bags. Over the years based on customer demand, the club offered a limited number of golf bags to be stored in a small area of the building. The area became so overcrowded bags were stacked on top of each other making it difficult for employees to locate bags.

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When the club decided to renovate the country club, they wanted to expand their golf bag storage area to accommodate the needs of members well into the future. The club built a golf bag storage room to hold over 1,000 bags for the club’s 300+ members using high density shelves. Installing high density shelving was much more cost efficient than building additional floorspace.

How the High Density Shelves Improved Golf Bag Storage at the Club

country club improved golf bag storage

The country club chose high density shelves with powered controls with block movement to facilitate safety and the need for quick retrieval during the summer season when bags are accessed as much as 200 times a day.

The shelves themselves have specialty metal dividers to facilitate storage of bulky, heavy golf bags. The bags are simply set onto the lower or upper shelf between two dividers for safekeeping. Up to eight bags can be stored in a single 42” shelf range, top to bottom.

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