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Last updated: December 19, 2016

Mobile Racks Shelving Organizes Golf Bag Storage

golf bag storage 4 post and mobile shelfMobile racks and shelving maximize efficiency for a wide range of athletic storage equipment. This includes hockey sticks, skis, and, of course, golf bags. But since multiple online sources claim that there exists a positive wave of interest in the sport of golf among novices, sports facilities need more room for their storage.

It was a rise in popularity of the sport as a recreational activity that lead to the creation of the mobile racks and shelving in the first place. Of course, it was compounded by the expansion of services offered at golf clubs and the increased number of club members storing playing clubs on site. All three, ultimately, lead to a shortage of space for golf equipment. The mobile racks organizer maximizes efficiency with ease and can be used with your pre-existing shelves. Our entire range of athletic storage systems are designed to save space and organize sports equipment with the greatest of efficiency. 

standard for storage experts

The unique component was subsequently designed for the purpose of restoring the efficiency of golf bag club, hockey sticks, and ski storage to its peak. The support rail divider maximizes efficiency so well, that it has been repeatedly used and is recognized as a standard offering for one company. And, while it has beneficial value for a number of athletic storage equipment applications, it is greatly favored when used with golf bag storage 4-post & mobile shelf applications. The accessory is available in varying lengths, including 12," 17" and 20."

Golf bag storage mobile shelf maximizes efficiency

support rail divider maximizes efficiencyConsider fitting the 4-post shelves with dividers to mobile systems, if more space for golf bag storage is what you desire. These metal dividers provide equal grades of support to store golf bags in an upright and stable position. This, of course, ensures maximum storage efficiency is provided for, while also making certain of their organization. A single 42" shelf range can provide accommodation for up to eight bags, top to bottom.

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Southwest Solutions Group® provides design and installation services for mobile racks and shelving for golf bag club, hockey stick, and ski storage. Free consultations are available to determine you and your business's exact needs before the design process begins. To learn more or to speak with a storage specialist, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today.

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